When there are major conflicts in the world, sometimes it’s hard to know what you can do to help those impacted.

In Hardin County, around 100 people gathered in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees, says an article in KCCI.

The gathering was held in the town of Hubbard last Friday night. People gathered at the South Hardin middle school for a candlelight vigil, music, prayers, and a moment of silence.

Nineteen farmers in the area brought their tractors to the event. These tractors were then arranged into a peace sign.

**This is a different gathering of support using tractors, not the one in Hardin**

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Donations from the event were collected and are being sent to a church in Hungry to help with the refugees there.

Tractors and Ukraine Invasion

Tractors seem to play a bigger role than you may think. There have been videos circulating of farmers using their tractors to overtake Russian tanks.

While looking into the validity of these videos, a snippet in Radio Free Europe Radio Library points out that many of the vehicles that have been seen in these videos are military vehicles that have been abandoned, broken down, or just out of fuel.

Tractors are the symbol of resistance?

With these videos and photos of tractors hauling Russian tanks and other military vehicles away, it’s almost fitting that an article from Vice is calling tractors the symbol of the invasion.

Just looking on social media or in a Google search, you will find memes, posters, and T-shirts of tractors hauling Russian equipment away.

According to Vice the videos first started to appear on February 28th, just four days after the invasion began. However, none of these videos and photos have been verified.

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