Something is wrong. A trend is continuing and it needs to stop. Happy Joe's Pizza restaurants continue to close and it's getting harder to order my favorite food in the world. A Happy Joe's taco supreme pizza. Yes, I know that other places make taco pizzas. But it is my opinion that no one can touch the magic of a Happy Joe's taco pizza. Unfortunately, two more Eastern Iowa Happy Joe's locations shut their doors this week.

KCRG reports that the two Happy Joe's locations that shut down were located in Maquoketa and Eldridge, Iowa. The Maquoketa location made the announcement on its Facebook page.

The Maquoketa Happy Joe's stated that it was having trouble finding employees and that is why it decided to close for good, according to KCRG. The Eldridge Happy Joe's also closed its doors on Monday. A neighboring location in Davenport will reportedly cover pick-up orders and deliveries in place of the Eldridge store.

Facebook via Happy Joe's
Facebook via Happy Joe's

Late last year, I lost the Happy Joe's closet to me, at 5070 Lindale Drive in Cedar Rapids. Whenever I needed my taco pizza fix, they answered. We had parties for our kid's birthdays there. Before they were just off of Lindale Drive, Happy Joe's was in the lower level of Lindale Mall. Even though that location has closed, two other Cedar Rapids locations remain, one on Williams Blvd. SW and the other off Blairs Ferry Road in Hiawatha. Neither delivers to my home in Marion. But don't worry. I'll do pickup. Nothing will stop my craving for taco pizza. I just wish things were happier at these Happy Joe's locations.

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