Here in Northeast Iowa we have lots of pro teams we can root for based on location. The Chicago Cubs or White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals or, my team of choice, the Minnesota Twins. Or as they may temporarily be called this April: The Minnesota Wisconsin Twins? WHAAAAAAAT? Bear with me here... let's dive into what this is all about.

Many sports news outlets, including Fanside, are reporting the Twins home, Target Field, is certainly available for the Twins come April. However, as the rules of the State stand right now, fans would not be allowed in. Virtually all other Major League Baseball markets are going to allow limit fan capacity. This is vital to each teams finances. With no fans in 2020, most teams can ill afford another round of cardboard fans as oppose to at least some real human bodies. That brings us to an idea pitched (hehe, see what I did there) by a Minnesota lawmaker. State Representative Pat Garofalo introduced a bill that would allow the Minnesota Twins to play in Wisconsin until they can have fans at Target Field in Minneapolis.

There is a very logical reason he's introduced this bill. The State of Wisconsin health officials have already granted the Brewers permission to have games with approximately 10,000 fans physically in attendance on Opening Day. The Twins do not have that option, at least not as of yet. Perhaps by introducing this legislation, Rep. Garofalo thinks he'll motivate Minnesota's governor Tim Walz to allow fans. Or, maybe he just wants our precious Minnesota Twins to go play in enemy territory. Either way, I hope it works. What's next? Will the Vikings go play home games a Lambo? HA.

Serious question, can't they play their games at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville?

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