With the Iowa caucuses less than one week away, no one really knows what the results will be. Sure there are polls that point towards one candidate or another, but Iowa has chosen some surprise winners before. Will it choose another one next Monday? One vote that crowned a surprise winner was this year's Iowa Youth Straw Poll.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate calls the youth straw poll a hands-on learning experience to help students engage in the civic process. So far over 23,000 votes have been cast with more to be counted. Pate added that many of the young people who voted in the straw poll will be eligible to vote not only in the caucuses next Monday but in the general election this November.

So who won the votes of Iowa's youth? On the Democratic side, it was Andrew Yang. In a close race, Yang won with 22% of the vote. Bernie Sanders got 21% and Pete Buttigieg received 18%. Joe Biden is in fourth place with 11%. No other candidate got higher than 10%.

On the Republican side, President Trump garnered 91% of votes. You can view all the results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll including Iowa Senate races HERE.


[via WQAD]

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