Ahhh, Iowa! We have a lovely state full of hard-working men and women. There's pride in the air and crops in the field when the season is right. One thing Iowa is also known for, though it's not boasted about, is the number of really really tiny towns. I mean, really tiny. Not only in terms of population but overall land space.

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It's well known Iowa is largely rural, and with only two cities, Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, sporting a population of 100,000 plus, it's no secret we live in a largely urban state. Today I wanted to celebrate our rural-ness by showcasing 16 of the tiniest towns on the eastern side of the state. Many of these are close to Cedar Rapids and/or Waterloo. Many have likely been under your nose your whole life! But how many of these have you actually, truly heard of? Let's find out!

Tiny Iowa towns

Before we jump in, I used the 2020 census, when possible. For some towns, I could only find 2010 census info, so there may have been a slight gain or loss in population for these cities. You will also notice most of the towns are in Dubuque and Keokuk Counties. Also, many of these towns popped up in the late 1800s with the railroad boom, and others are on a river, which is where many of our cities were born.

Okay, let's do this - let's visit our tiniest towns in eastern Iowa. Gassed up and, roooooad trip!

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