The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced their three toys that will be inducted as part of their 2018 class. And they are...(drum roll please)

Uno . . . pinball . . . and the Magic 8-Ball. Sure, these are all classics. Who hasn't played the card game UNO? Pinball machines have made a huge comeback, and what kid hasn't asked a Magic 8-Ball a question only for the answer to come up, "Outlook Not So Good". So, I have no problem with these three being honored.

Hall of Fame officials announced 12 finalists. Here are the nine toys that DIDN'T get the votes to make it in this year: American Girl dolls, chalk, Chutes and Ladders, He-Man action figures, the sled, tic-tac-toe, Tickle Me Elmo and the Fisher-Price corn popper.

Courtesy: Decades TV Network via YouTube
Courtesy: Decades TV Network via YouTube

However, there's one toy from my childhood that I can not believe voters looked over. I'll never forget the "buzzzzz" of my first Electric Football game (and neither would my parents). This was a day and age when kids actually used their imaginations!

I realize, compared to today's video games, Electric Football would probably bore most kids. But there was something to be said about stuffing that little felt football into the quarterback's arm, and flicking it at the wide receiver. Or, you could stick the ball in your running back's arm, only for him to spin around in circles! Luckily, the technology has improved in today's version of the game (see video).

O.K., dads. For the holidays, have a talk with Santa, and maybe have this classic game show up under the Christmas tree this year. If your kids don't like it, that's O.K., you can keep it for yourself!

Here's a list of all toys that are in the Toy Hall of Fame

Video Courtesy: Decades TV Network via YouTube

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