The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says this weekend is the peak viewing weekend for Fall colors in in northern Iowa, but what day will the weather make for the best day to take a drive?

In northeast Iowa, the peak color display is right now. Oak trees are starting to turn their bronze to red colors. Many of the maple trees still have their red, orange and yellow hues, and the aspen are golden yellow.

This week marks the peak period in northern Iowa. The white ash trees are turning purple, the oaks have a brilliant reds display, and many of the maples are still showing shades of pinks and reds. The Iowa DNR press release this weeke stated, "We are also still seeing lots of yellows on green ash, the hickories, elm, silver maple and cottonwood."

Central Iowa is moving into it's peak period this week. There is a bright shade of yellow courtesy of green ash, black walnut, and bitternut hickory trees. The shagbark hickories and hard maples are adding in shades of orange. Red maples throw in some reds. Maples are starting to lose their leaves.The Iowa DNR added, "... starting to see more cottonwoods changing colors now."

As far as the weekend weather outlook, it looks like Sunday will be the prime day to hit the road. Saturday has 60%-70% chance of rain (depending on which forecast you read), but most have Sun and low 60's for Sunday.

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