A Waterloo man was caught going through cars on a sales lot. When police asked what he was doing, he claimed he had just taken over the lot and was going through the vehicles because he now owns them.

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I can't figure out how the police figured out he was lying but they did!

Jason David Hocking was arrested for four counts of third-degree burglary to a vehicle and providing false identification information after giving the police a fake name and address.

The genius Black Hawk Co. deputies had a hunch he may be fibbing a little so they made a call to see who the owner of Reedy’s Auto Sales was and if this was, indeed, the new owner... at 1:30 in the morning.

Low and behold, Hocking WASN'T the owner! It was verified when the ACTUAL owner showed up and told the officer that Hocking was not the owner and was lying.

The deputies (with ESP or something) accepted the real owner's story after hearing from dispatch that upstanding citizen, Hocking, was just released from probation for driving a Chrysler 300 stolen from Liberty Car Co. 2. No word on whether or not he owned that car lot or any other.

On that note, in October 2021, San Diego police were led on a dramatically slow car chase after getting a call about a man stealing a tow truck.

The chase, at one time, reached a heart-pounding 10 miles per hour as the suspect refused to stop, for over an hour to the downtown area. For a terrifying minute or two, the suspect even sped onto the interstate reaching an incredible 5 mph while on the phone to the chasing officers. He explained that the reason he couldn't stop, but REALLY wanted to, was that there was a bomb on the truck and if he stopped the vehicle, it would explode, endangering all their lives. He was being a hero!

Watch the drama unfold below.

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