When you spend a lot of your time scrolling through the depths of the internet, you can find some pretty interesting stuff. There are things on the internet that can make you smile, help you fix things, make you cry, inform you about upcoming events, etc. Then there are some things you find that make you think "There's no way this is true."

Before going any further, I want you to guess what you think Iowa's favorite snack would be. Is it potato chips, pringles, chocolate chip cookies, sweet corn, or any other snack you can think of? I'd be willing to bet less than 1% of people who read this study can honestly say they thought of this answer.

Unsplash - Denny Muller
Unsplash - Denny Muller

Iowa's favorite "Snack"

According to Reader's Digest, Iowa's favorite snack is the Walking Taco...Excuse me? Let me start by saying, I'm not bashing walking tacos. Walking tacos are incredible. They taste great, they're awesome at grad parties, and they can really prevent the messiness that comes with eating tacos.

Whenever my wife and I make tacos, we always add crunched-up Doritos to the mix and make taco bowls. If you're at the Iowa State Fair and want to walk around and eat something, a walking taco is pretty dang convenient. My biggest issue with the Readers Digest study is...walking tacos aren't a snack.

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Have you ever once in your life taken the time to brown hamburger meat, collected all of the ingredients out of the fridge that comes with tacos, and said "I'm having a quick snack?"

What is a Snack?

According to the Dictionary, a snack is a "small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals." Once again...when have you ever browned hamburger to use quickly in between meals? Maybe you've done it to prep for later in the day or possibly the next day, I could surely see someone doing that.

The Readers Digest study says California's favorite snack is guacamole. Illinois' favorite snack is popcorn. In Minnesota, they enjoy a Honeycrisp apple. Montana enjoys snacking on beef jerky the most. Am I taking crazy pills here or are these better representations of what a snack is?

What do you think Iowa's ACTUAL favorite snack is? Is it sweet corn or maybe some kind of chips? A walking taco isn't a snack. There are way too many ingredients for it to be a quick snack. This study from Readers Digest is wrong, simply because they didn't pick a snack.  A walking taco is a meal and there's no changing my mind.

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