This is one of the best times of the year as the NCAA championship basketball tournament is officially underway!

I guess some people don't count the first 4 games as being part of the tournament...but I do. Big wins, massive upsets, busted brackets, and days filled with college basketball on TV. There's nothing like this tournament. I would argue the first day, once all of the teams are set in the NCAA basketball tournament, is one of the greatest days in sports.

There's the Super Bowl, Master's Sunday, and the first day of the college basketball tournament. If you can't already tell, I like sports. Iowa has some pretty big sports fans and when it comes to the college basketball championship tournament, Iowa is one of the most obsessed states in the country.

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Which States Are Most Obsessed With The NCAA Basketball Championship?

Solitaire Bliss studied which states go all out for the NCAA basketball tournament and Iowans really love following this tournament. This tournament is like no other in sports. Iowans who might not even watch college basketball will fill out at least 1 bracket to follow along with and keep track of.

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To determine their findings, Solitaire Bliss asked how many games fans watched, if they continued to watch when their team was knocked out of the tournament, if they made a bracket, etc. After receiving the responses, they gave each state, city, and college fanbase a score from 0-100.

Iowa is ranked 7th as the state most obsessed with the NCAA college basketball tournament with an obsession score of 86.67.

Solitaire Bliss
Solitaire Bliss

You might be a part of a bracket pool with your friends, co-workers, or online websites, and there's nothing better than bragging to people about how much better your bracket is than theirs.

According to Solitaire's findings, the average American watches around 6 games during the tournament yearly, 33% of Americans watch the tournament yearly, and 1 in every 5 Americans make a bracket yearly.

Which College Fanbase is the Most Obsessed with the Tournament?

Teams like Duke, Kansas, UConn, or Ohio State might come to mind when you think of most die-hard fans in the NCAA Tournament. You regularly see these teams in the tournament's upper ranks. It turns out that this year...there's an Iowa college with the best fan base.

According to Solitaire Bliss, Iowa State fans are the most die-hard fanbase when it comes to the NCAA tournament. This year, the Cyclones won the Big 12 Tournament and were one of the most successful teams in the country. They enter this year's championship tournament as a number 2 seed, and their fans are excited to see what they can do in this year's tournament.

Solitaire Bliss
Solitaire Bliss

Best of luck to your tournament bracket this year! Hopefully, it survives past the first round of games.

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