Last week, Iowa instituted a brand new distracted driving law. It's now considered a "primary offense" if an officer catches you using your phone behind the wheel. That law makes a lot of sense, but there are many more that are completely absurd.

Here are some of the craziest, silliest, most head-scratching laws somehow still in existence in Iowa:

1. A man with a mustache must never kiss a woman in public.

  • Sorry, hipsters. Better make sure you lock lips behind closed doors

2. Kisses may last for no longer than five minutes.

  • What do Iowans have against passion?

3. Tanning salons must post warnings of the risk...of getting sunburn.

  • You'd think most people would be aware of that.

4. One-armed piano players can only perform for free.

  • Bad news for any amputees trying to pursue a career as a street musician.

Here are some other bizarre laws from cities and towns across Iowa:

  • In Bettendorf, liquor stores may not place ads for beer outside the premises.
  • It's against the law to perform palm readings within the city limits of Cedar Rapids.
  • It's illegal in Ottumwa for a man to wink at a woman he does not know.
  • In Marshalltown, horses are forbidden from eating fire hydrants.

Seriously? Like all the buildings in Marshalltown burned to the ground because horses were eating the fire hydrants? Were these fire hydrants made of carrots?

There are plenty more where those came from! Head to to see even more Iowa laws that are, well...dumb.

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