Iowa is a fun state field with fields, nice people and, interesting town names. We do things a bit differently here. For example, we have a Nevada, Iowa. Only we pronounce it Nah-VAY-dah as oppose to the way those from the state containing Las Vegas would spell it.

But still, that's not too weird. Here's the WEIRDEST city/town names in Iowa:

Gravity - Located southwest in Taylor County, Gravity, Iowa has a population of under 200 'down to earth' folks.

What Cheer - Roughly 90 minutes straight south of Waterloo, What Cheer is in Keokuk County. There's a lot less cheer there these days, once a thriving coal town with over 3,000 residents, these days What Cheer has fewer than 700 chipper citizens.

Cool - Geez, way to brag... This town in Warren County was named after a settler, Hendrix Cool. And if that isn't the coolest name, what is?

Climax - Climax can be reached in Mills County, Iowa. Ahem, need I say more?

Jamaica - Ya mon, you can go on a trip to Jamaica without even leaving Iowa! Jamaica is located in Guthrie County, Iowa, and not a tropical island. Sorry, they still get plenty of snow this time of year.

Lost Nation - Lost Nation, Iowa is just waiting to be discovered! Clue: it's in Clinton County.

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