What's better than beer? Free beer, no? Even if the Cedar Valley is Busch Latte country, Miller Lite still has a huge following. And again, it's free beer. But before you run to Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits, I have to break this to you: you still have to do some work to score the brewskies.

Miller Lite is making a play for the low carb, low calorie beer audience, specifically targeting rival Michelob Ultra. Miller Lite, which contains one more calorie than Michelob Ultra, are asking those interested in the free beer to burn that one calorie by typing out a super long website URL.I don't mean sorta kinda long either. I mean 836 characters long.  At some point during the game Sunday evening, Miller tweet out a picture of that URL, which you can kind of see in their teaser tweet below:

If you happen to type it into your browser, it will take you to a website that will ask for you Venmo, and then you'll $8 Venmo'd to you. They say should afford you a six pack of beer. Oh, and the reason it's being sent as a picture is so you don't copy/pate the link, hence bypassing that calorie burn. Be warmed though, only the first 5,000 people who enter the URL will get themselves that $8. So once it's revealed, type fast!

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