Our nation celebrated and remembered veterans this past weekend on Veteran's Day. Now, University of Iowa fans will be able to celebrate and remember their hero, Nile Kinnick, the star of the Hawkeyes' football team in the late 1930's.

"The Ironmen" is a movie in the works by producer Joe Heath. He plans to shoot the film in Iowa City and then host the world premiere of the movie inside Kinnick Stadium. Heath wants to have scenes with 10,000 extras, wardrobes would be provided with clothing from the era.

If you're interested in being an extra for the movie, email; ironmenmovieextras@gmail.com.

According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Health wants the movie premiere to take place at Kinnick Stadium, which can hold nearly 70,000 people. The movie would be played on the big screens on both ends of the field. The goal would be to break the world record for the largest movie premiere audience.

The film looks to get the final "green light" around Thanksgiving, with primary shooting taking place next summer and fall. Producers would spend a year editing in hopes of premiering the movie before the 2020 football season.

Iowa's 1939 football team was known as the "Ironmen" because many key players had to play 60 full minutes in several games, due to an extremely thin roster. The story will take a deeper look into Kinnick's life and other members of that historic team.

Kinnick was a consensus All-American and is Iowa's only Heisman Trophy award winner. He was on a routine training flight when his plane developed an oil leak. Not being able to reach land or the aircraft carrier, Kinnick attempted an emergency landing in the water but died in the process. His body was never recovered.

"I would like, if I may, to make a comment which I think is appropriate at this time. I thank God that I was born to the gridirons of the middle west and not to the battlefields of Europe. I can speak confidently and positively that the football players of this country would rather fight for the Heisman trophy than for the Croix de Guerre." -- Nile Kinnick, accepting the Heisman Trophy at New York's Downtown Athletic Club in 1939.

To view Kinnick's entire speech, CLICK HERE.

Courtesy: Google Maps - Street View
Courtesy: Google Maps - Street View

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