St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News)- A statewide crackdown focusing on a driving behavior that’s one of the leading causes of traffic deaths in Minnesota is underway. 

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The enforcement effort got started on May 1. It comes as Minnesota sees a spike in traffic fatalities on the state’s roads.

So far this year 116 lives have been lost on the state’s roads between Jan. 1 and May 6. 79 people were killed in traffic crashes over the same time period in 2023. 

Statewide Speeding Crackdown Underway Across Minnesota

From now until September 2, state and local law enforcement agencies are cracking down on speeding across Minnesota. 

We’ve all been there while driving. You’re running late to an activity, or stressed about a work project, or annoyed at the see​mingly clueless driver ahead of you. Take a breath and don’t take out life’s frustrations on the road through speeding and aggressive driving. Traffic deaths are well ahead of last year at this time. We have to work together to stay safe as we look forward to Memorial Day and summertime fun.

-Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson

The crackdown includes extra patrols looking for speeding drivers and an advertising campaign asking drivers to slow down, officials say. 

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Speeding  was the cause of 115 traffic deaths in Minnesota last year, according to preliminary state traffic data.

Speeding has contributed to an average of 123 traffic deaths per year in Minnesota from 2019-2023, authorities say. 

The speeding crackdown has started ahead of what traffic officials call the 100 deadly days of Minnesota roads, which typically runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

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