As a youngster, there was nothing more incredible than waking up on a winters morning, turning on the radio, and receiving word that school was canceled due to snow or ice. It was like winning the lottery! Well, to a kid. As an adult, I'd take a million bucks...But anyways, snow days might be a thing of the past as a result of COVID-19.

Why? This pandemic has shown us that while not ideal long term, it's certainly possible for kids to learn... at home. An expert went on the Today Show to discuss just this topic.

So once schools are fully back, if there's a situation where there'd normally be a snow day; and here in Iowa there's plenty, kids could still stay home. Their teachers would have time to prepare a home lesson based on forecasts, and then the next morning they can just hop onto Zoom like they do now to have a full day of class. Sorry, kids... Parents, you're welcome. Hehe.

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