Yes, it's hot my fellow Iowans. You file that statement under both 'DUH' and, 'UNDERSTATEMENT'. It's hot in a lot of the U.S., but not everywhere. It's in the mid-to-upper 60's today in Boston, Massachusetts. In fact, I was watching the Red Sox on the MLB TV app yesterday (they blackout midwest teams, thanks guys) and the commentators were talking about how chilly it was. This, while I had the AC cranked in my house.

That prompted me to explore our country and find out if it will be hotter today in Oelwein, than other common hotspots in the United States. Turns out, it's actually hotter here than a lot of cities usually associated with warm temps.

Our temps aren't going to break records, but they'll break some sweat

We have to start with the high today in Oelwein: according to NOAA, at the time of this writing, it will be 92 for a high today, June 11. I stuck with NOAA to determine the highs elsewhere in the country and here's where I found our temps beating out other highs.

  • Miami, Florida - high 86
  • New Orleans, Lousiana - high 85
  • Atlanta, Georgia - high 85
  • Los Angeles, California - high 79
  • Houston, Texas - high 92 (We're in a dead heat with Houston! Get it?)

Interestingly enough, a good portion of the southeast will be dangerously hot in cities like Vegas, Pheonix, El Paso, and others in the region. El Paso, for example, will be around 106 for a high. That's a whopping 14 degrees hotter than in Oelwein. While the heat may be more hot than dry, it's still unpleasant, to say the least. Road trip, anyone?

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