Welp, we had a good run. We made it through October with no white stuff. Some years we get it in Eastern Iowa. This year we did not. November, however, is already a different story. At least for part of the Hawkeye State. Typically, we see snow between November 10th to 17th, but one portion of Iowa may not have to wait quite so long.

Parts of Iowa set to get snow

Far western Iowa, around Sioux City, could get a small amount of snow. Set to get hit even harder: central and eastern Nebraska. That's scarier than anything we saw on Halloween. Now, in this neck of the woods, we generally get between 38 and 42 inches of snow in a normal year.

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On the flip side, sometimes we don't get snow in November. Or even the start of winter. A recent story we posted noted Waterloo once got its first inch of snow in February. A far cry from November 1 to say the least!

When we do get snow in our area, you'll be able to monitor the snow totals on the National Weather Service's dedicated page, which you'll find here.

La Nina is set to split the state of Iowa

Federal forecasters are saying La Nina will impact part of the state according to a report from the Des Moines Register. Here in the eastern portion of the state, things should stay warmer. That's good news but we're also likely to see more moisture as La Nina brings more rain to the northwest and even midwest. Warmer temps plus moisture could mean some heavy snow. Time, and temps, will certainly tell.

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