It's not possible to be the "cool dad" forever...whether you want to or not, eventually you'll become the not-so-cool dad.

So, Dad's do we "fight it" that we may have lost our "edge"?...or just embrace our "dorkiness" and let it happen? The beauty of this is I don't think most Dad's even realize that we've lost "it". What do you mean socks aren't cool with my crocs? Teenagers make that fashion statement all the time...why can't we? - And "jorts"...(jean shorts)...why did they go out of style? Who decided this? So, that's fine kids...make fun of us PROUD DADS...because guess what? You'll NEVER be as good as us at playing "air guitar"...EVER! So there...

In honor of Father's Day, a new survey asked people for the signs that you've hit "peak dad." Here are the top 10...and I plead "guilty" to every one of these...

1. Laughing at your own bad jokes, 33%.
2. Busting out bad dance moves, 32%.
3. Embarrassing your kids on purpose, 31%.
4. Always manning the grill, 30%.
5. Constantly doing repairs around the house, 30%.
6. Getting excited to go to home improvement stores, 29%.
7. Spending lots of time in "the shed," 28%.
8. Having "a chair," 28%.
9. Taking mid-afternoon naps, 28%.
10. Wearing cargo shorts, 28%.

Credit - Omaha Steaks

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