Scotty McCreery was thankful for the thing that matters most -- family -- this Thanksgiving holiday.

A few days after the fact, the singer shared a family portrait from the holiday. McCreery and his wife Gaby posted on a back porch, against a backdrop of a body of water and trees adorned with fall foliage. But the gorgeous natural scene wasn't the star of the show: That was the couple's one-year-old son Avery, who smiled for the camera while wearing overalls and a beanie.

"Thankful for our little turkey," the post's caption reads.

McCreery frequently offers fans peeks into his family life. Avery, who is the couple's first child, recently celebrated his first birthday: He turned one on Oct. 24, and his parents planned a special Toy Story-themed birthday party to celebrate. McCreery even wore a cowboy hant and a cow-print sheriff's vest for the occasion.

Though he focused on family for the holiday, McCreery also spent some time with another passion -- N.C. State Wolfpack football -- for the long holiday weekend. On Saturday (Nov. 25), McCreery was on the field to hype up the Wolfpack and their fans during their game against the North Carolina Tar Heels. N.C. State emerged victorious in that match-up, beating the Tar Heels 39-20.

This holiday season, McCreery also released "Feel Like the Holidays," his first Christmas song in over a decade. Next January, he'll launch his 2024 Cab in a Solo Tour.

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