Ask anyone who works in the restaurant industry and they'll tell you that these are difficult times. A lack of workers coupled with ongoing supply chain issues means that sometimes customers will have a less than ideal dining experience. Yes, your patience may be tested. But rest assured that restaurant owners and servers are just as frustrated as you are! And it certainly doesn't give you the right to treat your server rudely.

Mas Margaritas is a popular Mexican restaurant located at 588 Boyson Road NE in Cedar Rapids. The restaurant posted on their Facebook page yesterday that they had been extremely busy and were grateful for their staff and how they dealt with customers who had to wait a little longer than normal. However, not all of their servers received that kind of treatment. The post describes an incident where a customer swore repeatedly at their server, and then when paying the bill, did the unthinkable.

The video above is from security camera footage at Mas Margaritas. It clearly shows the disgruntled customer throwing money at the feet of an already upset server. Is there anything more insulting than throwing money at someone's feet? I don't care how long you had to wait, or what other perceived injustices you think you were subjected to. This person is a human being! I'm not sure how I would have reacted to such an act, that is for sure.

So please, the next time you head out to your favorite local restaurant and you discover that you're waiting a bit longer than normal. Don't flip out. Don't shout and belittle your server. Perhaps nicely inquire if they are short-staffed. Chances are they're just as frustrated as you are that your quesadilla isn't ready yet. But make no mistake about it. There is NO room for the kind of behavior seen in the video above. Period.


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