A new report shows which states stand to lose the most when it comes to withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement. Farmers for Free Trade, a self-described bipartisan, grassroots campaign working to rebuild support for trade, says the report outlines the specific threats the states most dependent on NAFTA ag trade with Mexico would face if America withdraws from the pact.

The campaign says the states included in the report would suffer from fewer products sold and declining profits, during an already down farm economy. The states included in the report, in order, are Missouri, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Of those, the report says Missouri exports 51 percent of all agricultural exports to Mexico, while the number ten state, Minnesota, sends 24 percent of all agricultural exports to Mexico.

The report, available at www.farmersforfreetrade.com, examines specific commodities to each state and how a NAFTA withdraw would impact those exports.

Source;  NAFB New

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