The real names of country music's most-known stars are often variations of their birth name. Sometimes, they'll use a nickname — sometimes, it seems like they just pulled their stage name from a hat!

Jelly Roll, Kid Rock and Johnny Paycheck are three artists who obviously use a stage name, but did you know Tim McGraw, Carly Pearce and Walker Hayes do, too?

Luke Bryan is a "Thomas" in real life. Patsy Cline is a "Virginia." Eric Church and Lee Brice actually share the same first name.

Country legends and newcomers are all included on this list of country stars' real names. If your favorite artist is not included, it's because they use their birth name or a popular variation of it (Johnny Cash is John R. Cash, for example).

60 Country Stars' Real Names Revealed

Learn the real names of 60 country music singers and superstars, including Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Jelly Roll, Luke Bryan, Carly Pearce and more.

Now organized alphabetically to help you find the real name you're searching for.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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