Back in March, we told you about the bill that would legalize the sale of raw milk in Iowa. However, Iowa was not the only state that was discussing this bill.

The Food and Drug Administration put a mandate on raw milk in 1987 which essentially banned the shipment of the product in interstate commerce. Since then, a vast majority of states are allowing raw milk sales.

The Georgia Legislature just passed the Raw Dairy Act making it the 31st state to allow the sale of raw milk. Under the Raw Dairy Act, as of July 1, 2023, dairy farmers in Georgia can get a license to show their raw milk products are labeled Grade A for human consumption and follow safety regulations.

Back in March, the Iowa Senate voted 32-15 in favor of its own raw milk bill, however not much has happened since then.

The bill would have legalized the sale of raw milk on farms, however, selling it in restaurants and farmers’ markets would remain illegal.

When the Senate passed the bill, the opposition started to pile up.

Groups in Iowa that came out in opposition to the raw milk bill included; the Iowa Public Health Association, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship; Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, Iowa Environmental Health Association, Iowa State Dairy Association, Iowa Veterinary Medical Association; Iowa Grocery Industry Association; Iowa Farm Bureau, and the Iowa Dairy Foods Association.

In the past, coalitions that represent pasteurized food and public health have stopped many other raw milk bills in the past—and in Iowa, it was no different.

The bill was unable to gain any more traction because the Legislature adjourned on April 19th.

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