It's official, I've turned into that annoying person who talks about their dog too much.

Everyone's dog is the best dog in the world and I just want to add mine to the group. As of today (March 8), my dog Winona has turned 7 months old! She has grown so much in the 5 months we've had her. We brought her home when she 2 months old and she's gone from this to this:

Gabe, Canva
Gabe, Canva

She just recently got spayed and she has her final appointment this afternoon to get her stitches removed!

For the most part, Winona is a pretty good dog. She gets to spend a lot of time with someone at the house, so she's lucky enough to have constant training. She sits when you ask her to, she'll come back when you call her name, she's friendly (almost to her detriment) with other dogs, she waits for her food bowl to be put in place before she starts eating, and she always lets you know when she has to go to the bathroom outside.

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We're still working on her getting excited when new people stop by the house but she's come a long way in making sure she keeps all of her feet on the ground when she wants to say high to a house guest.

Is Nona Destined for Internet Fame?!

If you have pets or you simply like 'pet videos' when you scroll through social media, you have possibly seen this trend that dog parents are doing. The pet parent pretends to be asleep with a piece of food in their hand and they wait to see how long it will take for their dog/s to take it out of their hand.

Like plenty of other dogs, Winona will do nearly anything for a treat. I'm convinced I could teach her to do backflips with enough food practice. We decided to put Winona to the test! Will she be the next pet viral sensation that allows her dad to retire and live a life of luxury?!



She didn't last 1 second...Sadly, I guess I have to continue typing out articles for the foreseeable future.

We get a lot of questions and/or compliments about her name. She's simply named after the town my wife and I met in and we call her Nona for short. You wouldn't believe how many people think we're just big Winona Rider fans. Check out some of these funny names people have given their pets!

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