These freezing temperatures are no joke. This last week has felt like winter has punched Iowa right in the gut. We saw double-digit inches of snow on Tuesday followed by more snow and wind on Thursday/Friday. Now, Mother Nature has welcomed us with frigid temperatures along with wind that makes it feel like it's -30 degrees outside.

This morning (January 15), has to be one of the coldest days in Iowa I've personally experienced in my 2 and a half years here. Growing up in Minnesota, I've seen plenty of freezing temperatures and wind-chill warnings but when it's this cold, you don't exactly "get used" to it. -16 with a wind chill that makes it feel like -30 isn't exactly something you get accustomed to. We just deal with it in the Midwest.

When I got up this morning, I brushed my teeth, threw on my long johns under my jeans, grabbed a sweatshirt to wear under my giant puffer winter jacket, took the dog outside for a quick bathroom break, and proceeded to head to work. At least I thought I was headed to work. The alley behind my house had other plans for me today.


It might not look like much and it wasn't, but the snow has been compacted so much in my alley, that it's basically just ice at this point. Getting down my driveway was no problem as there was a very thin layer of snow and you can see mostly asphalt. At the bottom part of the driveway, where you turn into the alley... the snow has been piled up and frozen. The front tires just kept spinning and weren't able to grip anything.

At this point, panic sets in a little bit. I was able to call work and explain that I'd be late, which was no problem but if I couldn't get this car to move, my wife couldn't get out to go to work, and I was blocking the alley. If my neighbors, or whoever wants to use the alley, tires to get through...tough luck. At the very least, I was in front of my driveway so everyone could get to their garage if needed but being stuck in an alley is less than ideal.

So my car was stuck, I was blocking the alley, I was blocking my wife's car from getting out, and it was -16 with a wind chill that made it feel like -30. What a fabulous way to start the work week. Happy Monday, am I right?!

Wife To The Rescue!

Thankfully, I was able to do part of my job from home. It's not exactly ideal to do a radio show from my basement but it can be done in an emergency. While I was on the air, my wife went out to use a piece of wood to help dig. The shovel was too big to get behind/under the tire, so our wooden "welcome" sign came in handy. After 25 minutes of digging in the cold and using driveway salt, Kori was able to get the car to move. She's my hero!

Is a stuck car the worst thing in the world? No. I was at my house where I could always go inside if I started to feel cold. Eventually, you'll find a solution or a tow truck will come and help but why couldn't I pick a day when it's 25 degrees outside to get stuck? It had to be a day where it was -16 at the time.

I hope your week hasn't started like mine! 70 degrees and spring can't come soon enough. Stay warm Iowa!

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