Apparently, there's Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, but now, there's also Dan Bush.

Dan, Rich, and Devon own the Analog Arcade Bar in Davenport (and their Moline location). They decided that they were going to do something that had never been done before.

They attached an Analog cup filled with tokens and attached them to a weather balloon.

As for a launch site, they used a football field in Anamosa, because with the calculations, the balloon would come down just outside of town.

When the GPS tracker reappeared, it had landed in Walcott, and the location was weirder than weird.

Not only did the tokens land in the backyard of the home they purchased their The Sopranos pinball machine, the home was now owned by someone Dan went to high school with, 60 miles away from the launch site.

Bush said they're the first to send arcade tokens to space, so this is history in the making, right in our backyard.

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