When you think "Iowa Nice", perhaps you only think of Iowans with other Iowans. Say, for example, a conversation between to (Iowans) at a grocery store, or a random act of kindness within our own state. But have you ever stopped to wonder how Iowans are when we leave the state? Well, according to a new study, we're only "meh" tourists. Especially when compared to our fellow Midwestern states.

Iowans get a barely passing grade as tourists

So, in order to dissect, first I'll share where this study emanated from. Travel Manners put out a list of all 50 U.S. states ranking tourists from 1-10. 10 being most polite, 1 representing folks that should never be leaving their home state again. Overall, no state's tourists scored higher than an 8. And only one state, Alaska, scored that. The lowest score was a piddly 4/10 which both Connecticut and Washington state "earned". Actually, both the East and West coast states were full of failing grades.

So, where did Iowa land? Iowans scored 6/10 on the polite scale. Now, that's great compared to 4/10. But, it's lower than our Midwestern neighbors. You see, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and North Dakota all scored 7/10. Iowa did pull a higher score than Missouri and Illinois, they were both ranked 5/10. Ouch.

Midwestern Nice and southern... nice?

Overall, the Midwest had a good amount of 7/10 and 6/10. the region that had the best score on the polite tourist scare was the deep south. Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas both Carolina's, Tennessee, and Kentucky all got 7/10 scores. Iowans may have only scored 6/10, but at least we didn't pull an Illinois or Missouri. Bright side, right? Bright side...

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