The snow that meteorologists have been predicting all week is finally here. Schools all across the area have canceled classes and activities, which means that kids are looking for something to do.

Why not bundle up, put on some snow pants, and go sledding?

Well, for some towns and cities in Northeastern, Iowa it's actually banned.

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The majority of schools in the Cedar Valley have decided to cancel their classes ( a few of them decided to do virtual learning as well). Here is a full list of all of the schools that have decided to kick off a long, snowy three-day- weekend.


In 2015, the city of Dubuque actually banned sledding. The city council of the Iowa town voted to ban sledding in all but two of Dubuque's public parks. Not too long after three more parks were open to sledders, according to the Des Moines Register. Now, the parks that allow sledding, skiing, and snowboarding include:

Gay, Usha, Valentine, Bunker Hill Golf Course, and Allison-Henderson park. And the cost of being found sledding in these parks? According to reports, in 2015 the initial fine was $750. 

The capital and biggest city in the state, Des Moines, also imposes certain sledding restrictions during this time of year. Other states in the U.S. like New Jersey, and Indiana also have banned the winter activity in some of their communities.

Postman working during a snow storm.

According to some reports, the council at the time was not happy to be putting a ban on this winter fun. These bans were put in place purely for safety's sake. While I wouldn't side with anyone that is trying to prohibit kids from having some good 'ole winter fun, there is some science behind the decision.

The Center on Injury Research at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has reports that claim 20,000 adolescents under 19 suffer from sledding related injuries every winter. From frostbite to broken bones there is quite a diverse range of injuries that can be sustained from sledding. 

It's important to find the right balance of being safe and having some fun!

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