Unwanted calls are down! Your phone may not be ringing with numbers you don't recognize as often as it used to. If you haven't noticed, it's understandable as you have other things to worry about no doubt. But, what exactly happened to cause the robocall decline in Iowa?

According to reportedcalls.com, last month the US Federal Commissions received 1,664 complaints from Iowans about unknown or unwanted phone calls and texts, which is significantly lower than May 2019 and nearly 50% lower from this years highest numbers which were reported in January before the pandemic ramped up in the U.S.

And the reason is very simple: CNN reports that because call centers are shut down due to the pandemic, there's fewer call being made. As we slowly get back to 'normal', it's likely we'll start getting more and more spam calls once again. However, if you'd like to stay on top of things, and see the most reported phone numbers that have complaints attached to them, you can get that list by clicking HERE now. As a fun side note, I've received two calls this month alone from the second most searched number on the list.

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