People really show their true colors when it comes to the care that they give their animals. That’s what happened with an animal rescue this week.

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Over 100 animals were found dead on an animal farm Monday after groups were called to investigate a report of a dead sheep.

The Iowa Farm Sanctuary along with a local sheriff’s deputy was called to a farm to investigate the death. However, upon arrival, there was more than what was originally thought.

There were starving sheep, goats, and pigs living among deceased animals. According to Iowa Farm Sanctuary’s Facebook post, the live animals had no access to adequate food or water.

In total, the organization says “over 100 animals and many more deceased.”

On Tuesday law enforcement secured a search warrant and went with Iowa Farm Sanctuary, and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa to rescue the survivors says the Facebook post.

On Wednesday, the Iowa Farm Sanctuary posted an update about their rescue.

In the post, they said there were over 100 animals that were living in “horrific conditions at this property without food, water, or adequate shelter in the winter elements”.

In a statement from the group they say;

Our team is in total shock and operating in rescue mode—focusing on lives to save. This type of urgent, large-scale rescue is all-consuming and requires the help of so many. We’re so incredibly thankful to everyone who’s been on site to help, those who have supported us from afar, and those who have donated to help ensure the individuals saved from this horrific situation receive the urgent medical care that they need and deserve.

Photos from the original scene are below. The photos are graphic and can be viewed at your own discretion.

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