If you have ever trucked cattle, this is probably your worst nightmare.

According to KJRH-TV, a truck carrying 71 heads of cattle down Interstate 44  in Tulsa Oklahoma tipped over Tuesday night causing cattle to get loose.

The accident caused the interstate to be closed for nearly seven hours with cattle roaming the streets. At least ten cattle were euthanized due to injuries from the crash.

Troopers say the truck driver was navigating a split in the intersection when his load shifted causing the truck to tip.

By the time the interstate was reopened, there were still cattle on the run.

What about the cows?

Throughout the night, officers used horse-mounted units, helicopters, and police cars to try to corral the cattle. Some of the cattle have even been found as far as towns 15 miles away from Tulsa.

According to Channel 6 in Tulsa, several cowboys in the area hopped on their horses and set out to catch the cattle.

Winter Trucking

Just like farmers, haulers play a big role in the wellbeing of cattle that are in transport. Risks around cattle transportation usually include equipment failure, distracted/impaired driving, and weather.

Usually, weather risks we think of are heat stress but cold weather can also affect cattle health.

There is also the risk of more slick roads.

Schneider’s Winter Survival Guide for truck drivers shares some winter driving tips including:

  • Be cautious of highway ramps- a sharp turn on a slippery road can mean bad news
  • Don’t “fall” for rain covered roads- keep the speed down
  • Turn off the engine brake when on wet, icy or snow-covered roads

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