So the other day I took you to the higher end of the price spectrum: One Million Dollars and compared Cedar Falls, Iowa to Los Angeles, California. Both houses we looked at were pretty amazing. But, what happens when we pull back a bit and shift from Cedar Falls to nearby Oelwein? That my friend makes a huge difference!

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Today, we'll look at a $100,000 house in Oelwein versus the same priced home in Los Angeles, California. I found one not too far from the $1 mil. home showcased in the previous article. You can check that one out at the bottom of this post. Before we begin, let's see, on paper, what you're getting from each home.

Here's the tail of the tape:

So that's what we're working with. Again, on paper. Let's see the homes!

Here Is All The House You Get for $100,000 in Oelwein vs. Los Angeles

Oelwein, Iowa is a place you can find a really large house for $100K. But what about Los Angeles? Let's see how your buck compares in each city!

So, let's up the cost to a million and see what we can get. For this, we'll sub in Cedar Falls for Oelwein since there's more high end options there.

Here is All The House You Get for $1 Million Dollar in Cedar Falls vs. Los Angeles

Got an extra mil? Don't move to Los Angeles, you can get waaay more house in the Cedar Valley.

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