Oelwein Police report 2 recent traffic accidents, in which drivers were cited.

On Saturday (May 29), police were called to the 600 block of 7th Avenue SE, shortly after 9pm Saturday (May 29), where an SUV driven by a juvenile, crashed into 2 other SUV's. A Jeep Cherokee, owned by Madison Henry and driven by a juvenile male, collided with a Jeep Cherokee driven by Mary Thomas, and a Ford Escape, driven by Bradley Schmitt.

No injuries were reported. During the investigation, Oelwein Police arrested Madison Henry of Readlyn fr Possession of a Controlled Substance and Drug Paraphernalia. Two juveniles will be referred to juvenile court for charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Paraphernalia.
The accident remains under investigation, and charges are pending against the male juvenile driver.

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The other accident was reported on Friday, May 21st at 4:45pm, at the intersection of 1st Street and 3rd Avenue SE. A motorcycle, operated by Travis Entrekin, went through the intersection, failing to yield to other vehicles, and hit a vehicle driven by Payton Ann Arndt.
Entrekin was cited for Failure to Yield, having No Valid Driver's License, and No Insurance. No injuries were reported.

Oelwein Police are also investigating a burglary in the 1200 block of South Frederick reported May 29th, and a theft in the 100 block of 1st Avenue NW on May 30th.

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