We know the housing market seems like it is going to be impossible for new homeowners to get a house. The price of houses has risen up to 34 percent since the pandemic started, making it more difficult for younger Americans to own a house.

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While we keep seeing houses selling for so much money, there are still some out there that you could still refer to as “affordable”.

There are two houses in Oelwein that are a block away from each other that are listed for very different prices. One is listed for $15,900, the other $110,000.

So why are the houses priced so different if they are three houses away from each other? Both are three-bedroom homes and both are located on N Frederick Ave.

So, let's take a look at what sets them apart.

First, we will look at the $15,900 house. The two-story home was built in 1910 and has three bedrooms. According to the listing, the home has old hardwood floors, a formal dining space, and an upper porch but it does need some “rehab”.

So, let's take a look at the first house.

Oelwein Home For Sale Less Than $16,000

So there is some work that needs to be done which will ultimately bring the overall cost you put into the house higher, but is it worth it when you can go down the street and look for a more expensive house.

The second home is for sale for $110,000. This home was built in 1903 and includes many historical features. The woodwork and most of the doors are original or still with the property.

So, let's take a look.

Oelwein House Listed Over $100,000

So after looking at both of the houses, would you rather take the $100,000 and turn the cheaper house into your dream home, or would you go straight for the pricier home?

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