The old saying is that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Fans of the Green Bay Packers are not feeling 'flattered' as a celebration that they created has been blatantly stolen from them by the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Lambeau Leap wasn't something created in a think tank or at NFL league offices. It happened back in December of 1993 when Packer's safety LeRoy Butler scored a defensive touchdown and lept into the waiting fans at Lambeau Field. A few photographers and journalists got some pictures of the event. reports that no one is sure if the leap was done again during the 1994 season, but wide receiver Robert Brooks brook it out again during the 1995 season during a game on September 17th. The local media began to catch on and the Lambeau Leap was born.

Another tradition that began in 1995 was the song played during a Green Bay touchdown. That song is 'Bang the Drum All Day' by Todd Rundgren. The two continue to go hand in hand at Packer games to this day!

Over the years, other teams have had players jump into the waiting arms of fans. Heck, some stadiums have even used 'Bang on the Drum All Day'. But never has an NFL team so blatantly ripped off the Green Bay Lambeau Leap as this year's Cincinnati Bengals. I tuned in to watch a bit of their Sunday night game against Buffalo and saw the Bengals score a touchdown and then saw a celebration that looked familiar.

OK, the player jumped into the stands, that's fine. But wait, isn't that 'Bang the Drum All Day' playing too? And to finish off the theft, the Bengals have officially branded it The Jungle Jump! As you can imagine, the internet, and Packer fans as a whole, have been letting Bengal's nation hear about it.

And let's be honest, this isn't the first tradition the Bengals have ripped off! Cincinnati fans also chant 'Who Dey' at home games too. I believe New Orleans Saints fans and their 'Who Dat' cheer would like a word, please! According to, the chant may have begun in 2015 as fans would shout out for a specific brand of beer, yelling 'Hedy or HuDey.'

Listen, I get that the Bengals are a relevant NFL team again. Joe Burrow and company are one of the great teams in the AFC. But you can't manufacture or steal other's traditions and market them as your own. History won't remember you as a winner. It will remember you as a thief.


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