Talk about a dedicated fan, but is this taking it too far?

A Green Bay Packers fan named Matthew McLaughlin is 35-years-old from McFarland, Wisconsin and is a huge Packers fan and has been trying to get season tickets for a long time... like 10 years! Apparently, Green Bay Packers season tickets are so hard to get that there is a waiting list of over 130,000 people and it takes at least 30 years to finally get tickets (might as well put your child's name on the list when they are born).

Matthew has been on the list for 10 years and he is still within the 70,000s of waiting. He is tired of waiting and has recently come up with an insane plan that might actually work to get tickets.

Matthew posted an ad on Craigslist about the situation and listed three possible solutions he is looking for help with:

1.  He'll pay someone $10,000 to take their spot if they're under 1,000 on the wait list.  To pull that off, he'll legally change his name to theirs so the Packers won't know it's a different person buying the tickets.

2.  He'll pay an older person with season tickets $109,000 to leave him the tickets in their will.  But since the Packers have strict rules about that, he'll cover the fees to have them adopt him and he'll also send Father's Day or Mother's Day gifts.

3.  If a single woman or man has season tickets, he'll pay them $10,000 to marry him and then they can get divorced and transfer him the tickets during the settlement.

Seems a bit of an extreme just for football tickets... right?

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