Most of us find that a quick pep talk in the mirror saying "New Year, New Me" is enough to stick to our resolutions for a solid two weeks. Usually, after that though we're back into our same old mundane routines, where we sit in front of the television eating Cool Ranch Doritos (at least that's mine). But according to Iowa State Police, our New Year's Resolutions should be more about road safety rather than cutting off a few percentages of body fat.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Kroll recorded a few audio messages for the Sioux County Daily News, detailing what "Motor Vehicle Resolutions" should be. He says that in 2020 our main goals as drivers should be:

1). Put down the cell phone

2). Drive defensively

3). No multitasking

4). During "bad weather months" SLOW DOWN

5). Make sure you have a DD or an Uber or Lyft available when you aren't able to drive.

Check out the full list of recordings here from the Sioux County Daily News.




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