Governor Kim Reynolds has launched the Test Iowa Initiative to expand testing capacity to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Iowa. The state is partnering with Nomi Health and its subsidiary DOMO, which has already launched a similar initiative in the state of Utah.

According to a press release: “Iowa is now the second state in the nation to deploy this ambitious initiative, and starting today I am encouraging Iowans to go to to complete their own health assessment,” said Gov. Reynolds. “This type of information will help Iowans assess eligibility for testing and further inform the state’s response to COVID-19.”

The Test Iowa Initiative includes an assessment that was developed in coordination with the Iowa Department of Public Health and it will better inform Iowans of their current health status, whether or not they should get a COVID-19 test, and instructions on how to get tested. Those part of the essential workforce are especially encouraged to take the assessment and then get tested if needed.

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loading... eases Iowans concerns with this message:

In Iowa, we value the role of limited government and recognize that asking citizens to provide personal information may be uncomfortable and concerning to some. However, users can be assured that their personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose of fighting COVID-19 and will be destroyed once the immediate threat of the virus subsides.

Personally, I took the assessment, it's quick and took me under 3 minutes to complete. It starts with your personal info, (name, address, phone #) they need this to contact you if you need testing. You'll answer a few questions to determine your current risk, then they'll prioritize if you need testing. If you’ve tested positive, they’ll ask you to answer some questions to help isolate the infection rate, then you'll be sent a follow-up email with info on how to be tested.

Governor Reynolds also kicked off the #TestIowaChallenge on social media. Just jump on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and start your post with: "Testing 1, 2, 3. This is (your name). Let's get Iowa back so we can get back to (your creative answer) - include the hashtag #TestIowaChallenge - then @mention 5 or more friends and I would also encourage your friends to "share it" and spread the word.

Here's your chance to help "Crush the Curve". As the website says: "In Iowa, we take care of each other".  #IOWASTRONG

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