If you have kids around the age of 10 (or had kids at that age). Chances are they've asked to open their own business: A lemonade stand. And who can blame them? It's a fun and easy way for a child to learn a thing or two about running a business, or having a job. But here's an interesting fact: It's actually illegal for a child to run a lemonade stand.

Iowa Representative Ray “Bubba” Sorenson (District 20) was surprised to learn the iconic lemonade stand is against the law in our state.

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​In Coralville, police shut down several stands during RAGBRAI.

The bill passed by the Iowa House would not require children to apply for business and food permits when selling baked goods or beverages, but parents would be liable if there is a problem. Seems fair to me. As long as they don't overdo it on the water-to-lemon content. THAT should still be a crime.

(Via KCCI)

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