Over the weekend, police discovered this abandoned mobile home in the middle of a Louisiana road with no explanation.

Around 3:30 AM on Sunday, May 22 the Iberia Parish sheriff's office was alerted about the house on Berard Road in Loreauville blocking both lanes of the residential road. It had been a part of an illegal transport.

Iberia Parish sheriff's office shared this photo of the house.

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office photo
Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office photo

Investigators say they have obtained a suspect, as there has been an ongoing situation with the owner of the house. Before a home is moved, proper permits needed to be acquired from the county. The owner of the home was instructed to acquire those permits but ignored instructions.

Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office
Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's office said that during the moving of the house, “many mailboxes, road signs, and trees were damaged in the process as well as, hitting power lines and polls causing 695 customers to be without power for several hours.”

Eventually, the owner of the home was located along with his 32-year-old accomplice. Both men were arrested and charged with "violation of parish ordinance, obstruction of highway commerce, and criminal damage to property," officials said.

“Both men were booked into the Iberia Parish Jail and bond was set at $125,000.00 each. Additional charges are pending,” the sheriff’s office said.

The whereabouts of the house are unknown. I guess if you are on the lookout for a new house, you could just hop into this semi and take this one.

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