It's inevitable, goodwill between neighbor states can't last forever. For one influential Minnesota man, it's over. Quite over after he had a bad experience in Cedar Rapids. One that left such a bad taste in his mouth that he wrote an open letter to his almost 71,000 followers. Want to know what else, many eastern Iowans very likely agree with his gripe about our area.

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"I apologize for saying Iowa is a fun state"

A Minnesota Content creator whose work largely centers around the North Star state took aim at Iowa, which he spelled as "iowa", over Cedar Rapids always contriversial speed cameras. The post, which appeared in his story accompanied by the One Republic song "Apologize" reads as follows:

Via Minnesota Memes on Instagram
Via Minnesota Memes on Instagram

Here, this will help you better set the mood as you read the post. Hit "play" and re-read Minnesotamemes post from above.

And as you might imagine, he also got his "souvenir" as he referred to it.

Via Minnesota Memes on Instagram
Via Minnesota Memes on Instagram

At the end of the day, Minnesotamemes ended up getting snagged by the speed cameras that locals have figured out how to avoid. It does beg the question, do these speed cameras just get truckers and tourists who simply, despite the warning signs that there's a camera, do not fully understand that they'll get a ticket?

About 7 months ago, my father-in-law got a juicy ticket for speeding his way towards the Eastern Iowa airport. He's from up around New Hampton and had no idea there were speed cameras. Again, despite the warning signs. He also, in a similar fashion as Minnesotamemes, swore off ever returning to Cedar Rapids. Though he has since mellowed on that stance.

So what do you think of the speed cameras? Waste of space that makes us look bad? Or a great way for the city to make a little extra money while keeping motorists safe?

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