Farming is an incredibly difficult job and a potentially dangerous job as well. One farmer in southern Minnesota, in Cottonwood, unfortunately, experienced that first-hand. Thankfully his neighbor noticed and saved him.

Brad Bossuyt told KARE 11 that he was out putting "'a round bale in a feeder and I got out of the tractor to make some adjustments. Meanwhile the tractor rolled ahead pinched my leg in there.'" How painful and also scary! His dog was with him and he said "'he tried to pull the old Lassie, 'Go get me help' trick, but that didn't work.'"

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He couldn't really do anything and he had left his phone in the house. All he could do was try to wave at cars passing by in hopes of someone seeing him. People kept driving by and no one knew he was there. He said that eventually, he realized he was going to be there for a while and just needed to save his energy in order to survive the night and hope that someone would find him.

The next day Brad lucked out when his neighbor, Charlie Olson, drove by. He noticed that something wasn't right, "'[Brad] never leaves his tractor out,'" and then he noticed Brad waving from under the tractor. Charlie ran to check on him, then called 911.

Unfortunately, the bottom half of Brad's leg wasn't able to be saved and had to be amputated. Thanks to his community, though, they've raised money to help Brad pay for medical expenses, to update his house so it's suitable for his new needs, and for a prosthetic leg.

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