In what has to be one of the best nature photographs ever taken, look at those two buddies: an owl and a stick horse. The million-dollar question is how did a stick horse end up in a tree? I think you probably know the answer and I have the evidence to prove it.

When I saw that photo and the accompanying video online, I knew I had to share it with you. It happened last week in Eureka, Illinois, in the central part of the state, east of Peoria.

Eric Lind said there is a family of owls in his parents' Eureka neighborhood that have been in the area for about the last six months. Last Thursday afternoon, a full 18 days before Halloween, an owl appeared to be flying around on a broom. Turned out it wasn't a broom, but some child's stick horse. Who knows if the owl thought it looked like a good meal or if it genuinely thought a ride was in order. Either way, it definitely went on a  joy ride.

For anyone that's concerned that the owl might be somehow caught on the stick horse (it's funny just typing that), Eric says you need not be worried. Apparently while watching the owl, he saw it change its grip on the stick horse and move it to different locations. I guess you could say the owl was just horsing around. I only wish we had a video of the owl placing the horse on the tree limb. Two best buds, just hanging out. Literally. (photo below)

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Eric Lind
Eric Lind

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