Ever since Canada has held its freedom convoy in protest of vaccine mandates, talks of convoys happening in the United States have been stirring around.

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After multiple Facebook groups, confusion over dates, and many different routes being thrown around, trucks are finally on route or getting ready to join the protest in DC.

Iowa, like many other states, is not on the direct route from the main convoy that stretches from California to Washington D.C. so people came up with routes that would allow more people to participate in the movement.

The convoy will be going through Iowa on Saturday, March 5th, and travel East down I-80 from Des Moines.

People are invited to participate in the convoy for the entire route or even a short distance.

Supporters of the movement say it’s not just about vaccine mandates, but that they are using this movement to stand up for other platforms such as inflation, censorship, and COVID effects.

Reynolds Warns Protesters

A few weeks ago, Gov. Kim Reynolds said that if protests and blockades happened in Iowa as they did in Canada, people involved would be arrested. This comes after trucker blockades on the Canadian border caused disruptions in supply chains.

Last year, Governor Reynolds passed the “Back the Blue” Act that raised penalties for protest-related crimes.

According to a release from the Governor’s office, the act makes riots a felony offense, increases penalties for destructive behavior, establishes qualified immunity, and increases due process protection for law enforcement.

Convoy organizers said that this will be a peaceful movement.

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