Almost four years ago, McDonald's did something that shocked the country. Now, they are finally realizing that they messed up.

Growing up in the '90s and frequenting McDonald's often, I would usually order one of two drinks with my Happy Meal. I'd either get Sprite or the Hi-C Orange. I know for a fact that I wasn't the only kid who loved to have a Hi-C with their McNuggets. Even as adults, many people would still order Hi-C with their meal. It was a sense of comfort and nostalgia when they visited McDonald's.

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Sadly in 2017, the company decided to discontinue the beverage that was a staple since 1955. A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people were not happy about that decision. There were several petitions and social media requests to bring Hi-C Orange back to McDonald's. It took almost four years, but McDonald's has finally heard our cry.

McDonald's just announced that they will be bringing back Hi-C Orange to select locations this month and it will be in participating restaurants across the country by June, according to USA Today.

Like many, you're going to want to know where and when you can get Hi-C in your McDonald's cups once again. Beginning Monday, February 15 you can check out McDonald's Hi-C Orange tracker at All you'll have to do is enter in your zip code into the tracker and it will show you the nearest McDonald's locations that serve Hi-C Orange. The tracker will be updated weekly as more restaurants add the drink back to their roster.

Oh, and McDonald's isn't stopping at Hi-C Orange. They're also planning on bringing back Orange Fanta. 2021 is starting to really look up.

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