January means a new beginning for a lot of us. Resolutions, new diet habits, maybe the pursuit of a new job. But here's one thing you may have never thought of: purchasing a used car shortly after the start of the new year. Well, while it may be cold and often icy here in Iowa in the winter, if you're looking to get upgrade your ride, this is the month to do so.

According to the website iSeeCars, the month of January will contain an average of almost 29% more deals than other months. In case you're curious, February is second with 22% more deals. As far as a specific day in January, this may come as a surprise but, Martin Luther King Day, which is the18th this year, will have 39% more deals than average. Strange, isn't it? As most of us are collecting massive credit card bills for Christmas gifts, car dealers are giving the best deals for potential customer.

In case your wondering, when it comes to holidays, other good deals can be found on New Year's, Christmas Eve, and Veterans Day. However, the site warns holidays are not always a good time to buy a used vehicle. The worst holiday to buy one is, oddly enough, is 4th of July. Personally, I'd think summer would be when most dealers would want to shed inventory since that's the time most people have time to hit the road with their families.

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