An Oelwein pharmacy has been given notice, that due to numerous violations of state laws, the pharmacist will be put on probation for 3 years.

Kurt Schuchmann, owner and pharmacist in charge of Schuchmann's Pharmacy in downtown Oelwein, recently received the notice from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy.

The board charges that the business underwent an inspection in November of 2017, in which officials found the pharmacy cluttered, disorderly and dirty; the store's refrigerator had food stored with medications; and there were insufficient barriers in place to prevent unauthorized people access.

There were also expired drugs in the current inventory; a failure to keep an accurate inventory of Schedule II controlled substances; and on occasion, the pharmacy billed Medicare for brand name medications, but they dispensed generic drugs to get rid of the inventory. There were also other violations, regarding inventory records, and operation policies.

By April of this year (2018) the business did not submit corrective actions and didn't respond to multiple contacts from the Pharmacy Board compliance officer.

Kurt Schuchmann is charged with violating the duties of "pharmacist in charge" and faces disciplinary actions.

Within 60 days, Schuchmann is ordered to remove himself as the business' pharmacist in charge, and may not serve that role in any pharmacy. His license will be put on probation for 3 years, plus there is a civil penalty of $2,500. Other discipline may be imposed, if terms of the board's orders are violated.

The notice is a public document, located on the Iowa Board of Pharmacy's website.


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