The two worst things in the world are bad pizza and soggy re-heated pizza. Fortunately, the first is near impossible to find. Unfortunately, the second tends to create the first. So, you can thank me later for this pizza hack that will help you avoid a pizza re-heat mishap.

Recently, the Australian branch of Domino's gave a life hack on how to reheat pizza in the microwave without the dreaded soggy side effect. It was reported on by The Sun. Here's what you need to do: Simply put a glass of water next to it in the microwave. Mhmm. That is it. The water you placed next to your pizza slice helps the base of the pizza stay crispy but lets the cheese melt. Heat up your leftover pizza slice for 30 to 45 seconds, and you'll have leftover pizza that is not soggy and uneatable.

You're welcome.

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