Lauren Mascitti quietly pulled off two minor miracles in her new music video for "Losing My Mind." On its surface, the clip — debuting exclusively on Taste of Country — easily matches the hurt of the traditionalist's vocals.

Dig deeper to find a fair bit of "How'd they do that?"

More than a few Nashville studio legends appear across the music video, including Paul Franklin and Aubrey Haynie of the Time Jumpers, plus hitmaker Shawn Camp and more. Camp was probably an easy get, as fans learned during Mascitti's time on American Idol that the pair are dating. The rest of the group aren't the kind you expect to sit around for long grueling days making a music video. The Ohio born-and-raised singer admits it took a long time for her to hit her marks — you'd think a bunch of veterans wouldn't have that kind of patience, but you'd be wrong in this case.

"That was not something that I even thought would ever happen but I just love and respect all those guys so much," Mascitti says. "I grew up going to Nashville and watching a couple of those guys playing with one of my favorite bands, which is the Time Jumpers.”

They're now friends and contemporaries, but the singer is no less excited about their enthusiasm for the project. The vision for the video (filmed in January) was hers. Find Mascitti walking through an empty house with the musicians hiding in the shadows, almost like ghosts. Spacing them out was difficult, she says, but timing everything was the greatest challenge. You may not have realized it at first, but this music video is all one take. That's where she struggled.

"It’s like a choreography and having to mark certain places in the song like I have to be at a certain point at a certain lyric," she tells Taste of Country, seemingly reliving the anxiety of it all during her phone conversation. "Lucky for me I grew up taking dance lessons.”

Who Is Lauren Mascitti? 5 Things You Need to Know About Her + Shawn Camp:

Since appearing on American Idol, Mascitti has been enjoying tremendous feedback for her latest studio album, the smartly-timed God Made a Woman. The 2020 project is consistent with who she was on the show and still is today — a little mainstream success and massive public opinion did little to knock the Nashville resident from her classic moorings. While working toward a new project, she's equally focused on her full-time job. The 28-year-old is still a night shift registered nurse at a Nashville hospital, and she's drawing a ton of satisfaction from it.

"It's a really heavy time to be a nurse right now but at the same time there's a really cool thing that’s happening between nurses right now, and health care workers in general," she says. "We have a strong sense of pride."

Find "Losing My Mind" on the God Made a Woman album, on streaming services like Spotify.

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